Toke Signals

by The Green Lung Grinders

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(free) 04:34


released March 11, 2017

Vocals: Em Bending Rodríguez
Guitars: PJ Jacques, Tom Purvis
Bass: Jordan Kelly
Drums: Shaun Monteith

Recording/Mixing by Bill Glencross & Ian Noble at R.A. Studios
Art by Tom Purvis



all rights reserved


The Green Lung Grinders Fredericton, New Brunswick

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Track Name: Yeast Beast
My teeth squeeze the crimped steel and twist
The bottled beast releases a seductive hiss
His body liquid, vaporous
I draw him in through thirsting lips
We are symbiotic

I set him free, as he does me
He grants my wishes at a cost

From the inside, the genie remakes me
My mind’s becoming less my own
My limbs relaxing; he’s taking over
My mouth his to manipulate

He whispers mischief in my ear
I am not afraid anymore
Track Name: Jungle Wedding
You’re confident you’ll tame the lion
But you’ve misjudged the animal
Not feline, but a serpent
I’ve watched him swallow whole
Your stubborn predecessors
Whetting them with silver tongue
His moves so captivating...
But he just needs to feed again
Track Name: Illegal Aliens vs Sexual Predators
Build your billion-dollar fence
You’re only sealing in the stench

I understand that
We love what we have
Don’t let would-be thieves
See the glow of our big-screen TVs

Guts inside glutted with deep-fried pride
Ignore the stones our own hands cast
From our impenetrable fortress of glass
Drive a child to suicide because he’s gay
And that’s OK
‘Cause culling sinners is the Savior’s Way


In Jesus’ name we pray
Oh, we’re overpopulated anyway
Personal violation
For your own protection
Micromanage human freedoms
Spit in the face of natural law
Hubris denied, personified
Well, are you fucking proud?

Nowhere to hide
Commissioned genocide
God hates us all
Track Name: Grizzly Beerz
Vampirically drain her innards
Cast aside
Amassing flies

One in hand, two more in the bush
The more you decompose, the more life you attract to you
I feed on the blood from your rotten cock
(You’re rotten, you’re rotting, oh my god…)
Track Name: Organ Donair
I feel so estranged from the world in which I was young
To whose farthest edges with books of my sketches I clung
Lit on a fallen log, a black-clad blot between the earth and the sky
Black pens my ink-blood, scrawling as I fucking bawled out my eyes

Every mini triviality
Diaried as far as the eye can see
Souls poured out in portions of one-forty

Don’t be an open book on Facebook, just go open a book
Don’t string your guts up on the Internet for any creeper to look
On the world wide web we think we’re sharing, but we’re only snared in it
It’s fictitious bullshit, but damn it, do it make it sound great

Drastic demands of...

Miss the reverence
Tired of lies

No protection
Will suffice
Mass abandon
Smart advice

Holy fuck, I’m getting pretty weary of you asking me
The fuck are you screaming? The fuck are you trying to say?
What does it matter? It’s not like we’re gonna get paid
I’m getting a donair as soon as I get off this stage
Track Name: Opium Harlots
There’s got to be something better
Some way to loosen my chest
Some weight to lift off my shoulders
Fuck no, we’ll sink like the rest

Our unspoken uncertainty is
The elephant in the room
Can’t miss the onrushing icebergs
Prophesizing ultimate doom

United we’ve all been in perpetual deceit
And all I ask all is don’t act surprised
You all saw me fall in ’cause I trusted you to
Lay eyes on my indiscretion complete

It’s counterintuitive when the best you can do is
Turn away and blind your eyes
Be cruel to be kind
Concurrent conquerings
Leave me smug and suffocating
Close up that fantasy
Ain’t all it’s cracked up to be

And repeat

Dope and opium
Harlots and charlatans
Track Name: Pope Smear
Gave His only son for you
To keep us under your thumb
Damn all equally
Except the unborn and young boys

Kneel, child
Accept His flesh
Swallow His holy water
Let it bathe your face

You took a vow of abstinence
But chastity is hard
You think this is a loophole?
You think this doesn’t count?

Justice divine
Ascent denied

‘They brought young children to him, that he should touch them…
“Suffer the little children to come unto me”‘ (Mark 10:13-14)

Kneel, child
Accept His flesh
Swallow His holy water
Feel vile
Trauma always fresh
Apology just more bullshit scripture

Gave my only son to you
Oh dear God, what have I done
Track Name: Carcinogenitalia
What arose between us
This deadly blaze we’re playing with
Sprung from our dormant spark
Dry leaves and excessive alcohol

Fuck! I can’t stay away from you
Not even if I wanted to
You’re here with me on every stage
And every scrap of floor we play

Oh, lead us not
Into temptation
But oh god I crave
This sensation
I’ve lived a life
Of deprivation
But this time I lack
The strength to abstain

God damn it!

With age has come no wisdom
‘Cause here I am again
Just like when I was younger
Wanting my cake and then

To hell with the consequences
This is my second chance
I overpowered you once
This time I’ll let you win

And now my hands are tied and I don’t know what to do
Except secretly write these words to you

This time it was I
Conducting the experiment
You either die
Or become the villain you hate

You all think I’m so honest — then how come I
Can never make eye contact? I fucking lie
Just to pass the time
I wonder if I’m
A sociopath has often crossed my mind

And now you’ve joined the ranks who look at me
With simpering, adoring puppy eyes
And all I see is another helpless fly
Tangled in my legs I will destroy
Track Name: Kingdom of Serpents
And up rises the serpent
A bloodhound on a breaking spine
His sly forked-tongued coercion
A cocaine blanket numbing your mind

How can I ever trust again in one
When its ilk have left my life in ruin?

An uprising deserted
Nationwide necrotic apathy
All of our third eyes diverted
To mythical creatures on minuscule screens

But is ignorance fucking bliss, really?
Or is education worth mortality?

Now riddle me this: how dare we?
We face our loving mother
As we wind round her throat
Our damned umbilical pipelines
The salty tears she cries arise and terrorize our coastlines
From her mouth black oil spills
The mouths she fed come home to kill

Cream of the crop nationalistic rot
Capitalistic megalomaniacs begot
Track Name: Cyberbong Throwdown
‘What kind,” the child cried,
‘of telescope is that?’ ‘Why,
it’s the kind,’ he, laughing, replied,
‘that gets you really high.
And doesn’t go in your eye.’

Fountain of sin
He charged right in
Blood red wetted

‘I’ll do you in.
How do you win?’
You don’t get it.

In the endless sky, there’s no force, no direction, no ‘highest’
All is only a canvas of darkness

No evil say
No evil see
No evil here
Beneath the ether
Track Name: Breadbag Mansion
Nameless nubile auditionees
Subconsciously self-loathing
Vie for your love down on their knees

I’ve made a profession
Of being wounded by your ways
In spite of all this time
You haven’t aimed your dagger at me

But the name of the game you play hasn’t changed
Just the one of the cunt you hunt

You crush me with your desperation
You rush to show me what you haven’t yet won
Your starving jackals with your rending teeth
Divest, digest all that’s left of me

In a prophecy
We implode spectacularly
Out of necessity
But you don’t understand me

Not a lot to turn to
Now it’s in sight
Cattle to the slaughter
Sins on us
All the sons in all their daughters
All their tongues and all their psalms

Upsetting metaphors
Needles of ruthless truth
We both went overboard
Fashioned a raft not built for two
And now you’ve run ashore
Jettisoned your cement shoes
Won’t hear me screaming anymore
I just brought out the worst in you

Your wet-lashed eyes grow crystalline
Your acid tongue erodes my spine
I lose my grip on all my lines
Your fingertips unfurl from mine

Relaxed, peaceful
Relapse, remorse
Aghast, why now?
I guess I know
Track Name: Kings and Ashes
To rule: it once meant
Deploying all the king’s men
Expense be damned
To rebuild a fallen citizen

How can that man then stand
And say he’s flawless and has always been
How dare he stand there and swear
He’s never needed repair

The wall is started to divide and elevate
And always guarded by those it incarcerates

To look down harder
To get his nose higher in the air
He climbs atop the wall...

The earth surges
Superglue is superfluous