Dollar Demo

by The Green Lung Grinders

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released March 9, 2012



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The Green Lung Grinders Fredericton, New Brunswick

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Track Name: Snowman Strap-on
Used a carrot for a dick
Tip snipped and peeled
Hell yeah
Snowman strap-on
Track Name: The League (of Extraordinary Genitals)
Chase him down and flay him
In bread crumbs fillet him
In the cast iron sauté him
With a glass of wine rosé him

And now suddenly
This is about Sean Connery
Do a line, build a bridge
I wouldn't even look at his dick
I don't even have the guts
To turn on the spotlight when I fuck
I digress as always
I don't growl like this when I get laid

Fatal anal
Bored through
Bleed through
Track Name: Agents of Satan
Law enforcement
The barricades
Stuff my pocket for clemency

Devil's right hands
Suck my cock for immunity
Track Name: Pizza Lovers
Your list of deal-breakers was a mile long
Bits of egg shell always embedded in my feet
Keeping my headlights off of you, dear
I stumbled in the dark
I'm sorry...
(Fucking sorry my heart broke)

How do you like making minimum wage
To spit in people's food to alleviate your existential rage?
Wish I could have broken your rules

Happy fucking New Year's Eve!
Laid off, mopped the floor with me
Trash of which you slashed free
On acid smashed into a tree
Track Name: Armadildo
It comes out of the ground
Watch out!